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Dr. Zarya Rubin, MD

Harvard-educated Functional Medicine physician, TEDx Speaker and Burnout Expert for your next keynote, workshop, or summit

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The one step to alleviating burnout

Burnout has reached epidemic proportions, along with our cultural obsession with productivity. In this humorous, highly personal, data-driven talk, Dr. Zarya Rubin teaches us how to outsmart burnout with four simple words: Do One Thing Less.

Storyteller. Motivator. Educator.

I am available to speak at your next event with passion, science, humor and heart. A seasoned public speaker, I can engage a crowd and share complex scientific knowledge in a way that connects with everyone.

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Past Speaking Engagements

  • TEDx Seattle (University of Washington), 
  • Harvard College Career Pivot Panel, 
  • Physicians Helping Physicians, 
  • American Public Health Association, 
  • Canadian Neurological Society, 
  • Pediatric Academic Societies, 
  • University of Florida Capstone Program, 
  • UCB Keynote Speaker,
  • Portland OB/GYN Society, 
  • iHealth Digital Summit, 
  • Portland Wellness Week, 
  • Portland Physician Moms, and more.

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Dr. Zarya is a Harvard-educated functional medicine physician, a TEDx speaker, and a burnout expert. No stranger to podcasts, she has appeared as a guest on numerous shows around the world, including The Kevin MD Podcast, social media's leading physician voice. She speaks about burnout, functional medicine, stress management, trauma and PTSD, mind-body balance, clean eating, how to make safer choices in household products, parenting, neurodivergence and more! Inquire within to get Dr. Zarya on your podcast!

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Dr. Zarya was the exact support I needed in my life and I would highly recommend working with her no matter what you’re looking to accomplish health wise.

—Julie, Montville, CT

I highly recommend working with Dr. Zarya. She is an amazing health coach and has helped me in so many ways.

— Susie, Morro Bay, CA

After completing the coaching program, I've learned I can be flexible. I can begin anywhere. Massive amount of gentleness with myself

— Heidi, Toronto, ON

Thriving After Burnout

Dr. Zarya Rubin, MD - co-author of the Amazon bestseller "Thriving After Burnout". The prevalence of burnout among physicians in the United States was estimated to be 62.8% in 2021. Join us as we take a deep dive into the life of a woman physician with burnout and the strategies they used to get to a place of thriving.
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Real stories from over 50 women physicians.

Have stress and overwhelm sapped your joy, energy and motivation? Are you struggling to do all the things all the time? Do you want to feel calm, in control and BALANCED?


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